This banana is not very common. Its taste is vanilla and its color is blue

We are all familiar with the taste of banana and it is considered the favorite fruit of many people. Bananas do not grow in all countries. Our eyes are more familiar with the yellow banana, which is not only tasty but also contains many useful vitamins. Have you ever heard of a blue banana? It differs not only in its color but also in its taste. We present to you some information about this banana.The fruit is 100 percent natural and is as strange as it is delicious. The species is known only by the name ”blue java banana” and is a sensation in the plant world. 

Bluish in color, some say the fruit tastes similar to vanilla ice cream. Its unusual color appears only when unripe and is due to a waxy coating. However, what is most striking is its sweet taste that reminds you of vanilla and has a consistency similar to ice cream. The fruit grows in regions of Asia, Australia and Hawaii and is difficult to find outside these locations. The plants can measure up to 5.5 meters in height. After ripening, they return to a common yellow color. 

According to an entry on Wikipedia, the variety is a hybrid of the species Musa balbisiana and Musa acuminata and its most accepted name would be Musa acuminata x balbisiana (ABB), however its peculiarity generates nicknames wherever it goes. The species can be used for raw or cooked meals and thanks to its flavor it can be an excellent dessert.

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