The former millionaire preferred to live on an island and far away from lonely people

Decided to get away from everything and everyone. His name is David Glasheen, he is 76 years old and since 1997 he has been living on Restoration Island off the coast of northern Australia. As he revealed in an interview, his intention was to escape from modern life. For many, his life may seem monotonous and boring, but he comments that his life has a list of essential things that allows him to live calmly. His way of life is based on collecting rainwater and a river that comes down from the mountainous areas. For his food collection, he says it is simple because “the ocean provides everything”, he has a fishing net. To supplement his diet, he eats what the island gives him, such as beach almonds, cherries, capers, and plums.

“Every day is a good day here, but I feel very sad and disappointed by the current global situation. It was pretty obvious that something like this would happen at some point. Now the world is very exposed and it is a test of how effective leaders really are”.“I had affirmed my commitment to find a different way of life: beyond a vicious cycle of pressure to earn enough money for a lifestyle by which other people measure their value and success.

” He recommends for those who feel trapped in the game of “Big Brother” and want to follow in his footsteps, flee from society and start a life of peace: “Just start by going camping. You will soon discover what you really need versus what you think you need. Life is peaceful here, safe and satisfying.” The story of this millionaire shows us that not all money or success can buy a happy and peaceful life. Share it with your friends so they know this man and the great lesson of him.

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