Some men found 800-year-old seeds and decided to grow them

Much of the food we consume daily has an expiration date, some expire faster than others, there are even those that can be consumed after years of being stored. But regardless of the product in question, we must make sure to consume them before their expiration date, in this way we will be taking care of our health.

But have you ever wondered what happens to the seeds? Do plants have an expiration date? What procedure should be followed to preserve food correctly? After a study carried out by students from Winnipeg, Canada, they found information that could solve the different questions. The youngsters made a discovery during an archaeological dig.

They found a cache of pumpkin seeds that was over 800 years old. To find out if the seeds could still be used, they decided to plant them. They got a big surprise after “harvesting”. Winnipeg students discovered a clay amphora filled with pumpkin seeds that caught their attention. After defining the date of discovery, it was determined that the seeds were 800 years old. With a great instinct of curiosity, the young people decided to plant the seeds.

During three long months of hard work, a surprising result was achieved: a variety of very old pumpkins. They decided to name it ¨Gete-okosomin¨, or ¨really cool old pumpkin¨. This one not only has an excellent flavor and a pleasant texture, it also keeps a large number of seeds inside, so there will be no problem when you want to grow it. Its size is quite remarkable, it even looks similar to some zucchini varieties. In this image the students who made this great discovery appear, very happy with the results of their first harvest.

They confessed that they will keep the seeds of this harvest, to cultivate again. The experience of these boys shows us that there is no better food than everything that is natural, especially when we know how to take advantage of it.

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