The little blue-eyed sisters have become famous for their beauty

A mother will live forever in love with her children. Even more so when she has been blessed double or triple, as happens when a woman has had twins or triplets. Stephanie Boyd is an African-American woman from Philadelphia, United States, who couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful daughters she brought into the world. When she found out that she was pregnant, she knew that her little angels would not be just any girls.

 Something that she only confirmed when she held them in her arms and then she was stunned to see that her sweet eyes cast a spell on everyone in the hospital. This mother is stopped on the street by the strange eyes of her twins, different from her Megan and Morgan Boyd were born in June 2011 surprising the world with their beauty․ 

So the mother from the beginning wanted to call both with a nickname that would make them stand out, and so she came up with “TrueBlue Twins”. The followers on Stephanie’s Instagram account have grown like foam, since a single video reached more than 6 million views. 

All the comments were focused on praising her different and fun personalities, as well as her beautiful eyes. The strange thing is that it is very rare to find among African-Americans people with eyes as blue as those of girls. Since the mother began to massively share the images when the little ones were 4 years old, there was no shortage of curious people who asked about Morgan’s strange eyes. Then she revealed the rare condition of her daughter, which makes her even more beautiful.

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