Her boss discovers her working with her baby in her arms and takes a photo of her

Every woman knows what a great blessing it is to bring a baby into the world. But, regardless of the joy and personal fulfillment that it entails, it is indisputable that mothers today must combine home and work outside the home to keep the family economy going. 

And, although there is more and more talk about the need for work-life balance, unfortunately there are few companies that really allow mothers to fulfill their duties at work, without neglecting the upbringing of their children. Melody Jett Blackwell was just enjoying a moment of peace in her office chair while she rocked her baby. Melody took her baby to her office without knowing that her boss would take this photo that would go around the world. At the workplace of this lucky woman, they allow her to take her baby Nora- Yo.

 And when her boss caught her in the middle of the naturalness of her chores while she was taking care of her little girl, she couldn’t resist photographing and sharing it. Melody’s boss is so flexible that she allows her to do her work from home, but even on the few days that she has to go to the office, she allows her to take her baby and take the hours off needed to feed the little one She is truly exemplary ․”I know that not all offices and work environments are suitable for children and babies, but I think that more places can be more flexible than they are now,” said the mother of the little girl.

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