A home that is small but won an award for its comfort

The Cottage Company is well known for building compact home communities. The houses that they build are small but very beautiful, attractive and functional houses. But nothing compares to the Kvale Hytte Cottage, which is nothing more and nothing less than the house that you will see below.

This tiny house won the Builders Choice Grand & Merit Awards, it also won the National Housing Award in 2009. This house is considered one of the best places to live.The porch, although it seems small in the photo, is the right size to be able to have small gatherings. Inside, the ceiling is a bit high so it feels a bit more spacious.


It also has several windows, so that the interior can always be full of natural light. The room has a skylight, which suits the style of the house very well. From this angle you can see the kitchen, the living room and the loft. You can also see that the high ceiling once again gives a nice style to this small house.

The kitchen is a good size. It has everything you need and also has a small island or breakfast area. And if one day you feel like enjoying a nice view, you can sit in the small dining room surrounded by windows.  The main room has a glass door that opens to go out to a private balcony that has a view of the forest.

The bathroom is something wonderful. The house also has a laundry room. From the loft you can see how high the ceiling is. The loft can serve as an office and offers the opportunity to work without distractions in a well-lit environment. But it can also become a room or a television area .

There is a second bathroom, which is very useful when you have guests . This is the beautiful view of the balcony that is outside the main room, perfect to connect with nature. In the end, this little house is amazing. I don’t know about you but I want a house just like this one. The images of everything that this house offers in its comfortable and cozy spaces have captivated many people who dream of living in it.  Especially for its gardens and the colors used in its decoration with an avant-garde and warm style.

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