Get ready to see what this adventurous couple did with an old school bus

Selima and Felix are a happy couple from Berlin Selima is a musician and Felix a filmmaker, they both worked and lived a happy life in Berlin, but they realized they wanted to do much more. They decided to give it all up, get a pet to be their new adventure partner and began to think about where and how to start their trip. They bought a Bernese mountain dog and named him Rudi.

They left their life in Berlin behind, sold all their furniture and left the loft they lived in and kept some things in a warehouse. After doing some research, and making a travel plan, they bought an old school bus and decided to take it to Florida to be remodeled They took with their suitcases, their guitar, their film and camera equipment, their little dog and off they went into the unknown! It was a whole new adventure, they got a retired contractor and together they started to transform the old bus. It was not easy work and for sure quite exhausting! But in a couple of weeks it was completely remodeled. 

All the comforts and things they need were complete in this cute and cozy home on wheels. Once they finished remodeling their bus, they set off on the long-awaited trip. Together they have written a blog and created a YouTube channel to share their adventures on the road with their community of followers. 

After almost a year of traveling, many kilometers traveled, 3 countries, many places and many people they knew. They finally decided to end their trip and return home. Finally, in December last year, this pair of adventurers raffled off their beautiful bus, the one that was their home for so many months. And they invited the winners to continue their journey and their legacy. Although they have returned to Germany, the projects do not end for them.

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