He finds a pearl on the beach, which cost more than 300 thousand dollars

Hatchai is a 37-year-old fisherman whose life has just taken a huge turn. For many years, Hatchai has dedicated most of his days to work at sea in order to bring his livelihood to his home. Recently, he found something in the sand that turned out to be far more valuable than any fish that had passed through his nets. The most surprising thing about the matter is that everything happened after a strange dream that Hatchai considered as the sign of some deity. “In my dream an old man with a long mustache told me to go to the beach to receive a gift.” Hatchai explained. A few days later, Hatchai decided to spend a few extra hours on the beach to collect some oysters. That was how he found an oyster that contained a huge pearl that caught his attention. When he got home he washed it and found it a beautiful orange color.

 He wasn’t sure of its value, but he decided it would be best to see a specialist to find out what it was. It was an orange pearl: a precious gem that forms inside the shell of Melo snails. Hatchai had found it inside an oyster and no one can explain how the gem got from the snail to that place. On the market, that pretty orange pearl is worth $350,000. “This money will change my life. All my family will lead a better life”, thanked the fisherman. As soon as the news broke on the networks, several buyers have contacted the weigher to try to buy the rare gem. 

One of them offered just over $30,000 and another $150,000. However, Hatchai was aware of its true value and eventually sold it to a collector in China for more than $330,000. There is no doubt that this is a lucky break that we all dream of. The next time we take a walk on the beach we will be more attentive to the curious pearls of the snails. Hatchai and his family are still celebrating in style the unexpected turn their lives have taken.


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