At just 2 months old, she stands up without help to the astonishment of her parents

It cannot be a secret to anyone that nowadays children seem to be born with quite developed abilities. If in the past newborns did not open their eyes until after a few days, there are little ones who are born with their eyes wide awake but this is nothing compared to the things that a little girl of just 12 weeks has managed to do. 

Her name is Lula and when she was only two months old in this world she was already standing up perfectly. Her parents Emily Derrick and Tezra Finn are beyond in awe of the amazing things she has shown to do to her little one in such a short time of life. From that first moment Emily and Tezra knew that her baby girl was quite special but at 2 months, when she managed to stand up on her own, they couldn’t help but gasp. 

For them it was a great astonishment to see her in this way, although from the first month Lula had already shown great strength. The little girl helped herself with everything in her power to stand up and in the process she had several failed attempts. At the least expected moment, the girl finally managed to stand up on her own. “I put her on the rug and she was trying to crawl a little bit. 


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