At 8 years old, she is on her way to the movies thanks to her videos

Everyone knows her as Francesa Miranda, a little Colombian girl barely 8 years old who rose to fame thanks to her charisma and videos on the TikTok platform. Ana Paula Miranda, her real first name, is a girl from Bucaramanga who has even received proposals from some producers, but her parents are afraid that she will meddle in show business when she is so young. French debuted on social media in 2020, after asking her mom to help her make videos on TikTok. At that time she was only 5 years old.

Her fans have dubbed her “the queen of TikTok.” As a form of distraction, her mother accepted and supervised the content that the girl created to share on the social network. What the woman did not know was the talent that Francesa had. “She was telling me about that platform, but she had no idea what it was about. She told me that she wanted to make a video and we went down the platform, we started playing making videos. And that’s where it all started.” In less than six months the account had 20,000 followers. Currently there are more than 42 thousand followers of Francesca on TikTok, more than 8 million on Facebook, and she already has her first million fans on Instagram.  Andrés López, Peter Albeiro, Hassam and Chespirito are just some of the comedians that the girl often imitates. Miranda fell in love with her audience with witty and fun ‘sketches’ on different topics, especially ordinary real life situations.

The multiple faces and the artists that she is capable of imitating greatly entertain her audience. One of the first things that impressed Miranda’s parents and herself was the receptivity with which people received the little girl’s videos. Today, the girl’s father is in charge of the costumes and the necessary scenery for each video of her. While the mother helps her with the phrases that she must gesticulate, but Miranda is so talented that learning a few lines from her seems like a piece of cake for her. In each sketch, the little girl gets so involved in her roles that she ends up making everyone fall in love with her spontaneity, and that is why new opportunities have appeared along the way.

At her young age, Francesa already received a proposal from a producer but her Parents prefer to keep her away from the artistic environment. For them, the audience that the girl manages on social networks is enough, but they are clear that in the future the girl will lean towards acting. The couple’s youngest son has also been involved in the videos of his talented sister. Miranda’s dream is to work in Hollywood and that is not a secret for her daddies. The couple recognizes and admires her daughter’s talent, but they want her to decide at a time when she is more mature. Without a doubt, Miranda is a girl with great talent and that is why she does not surprise us with the number of followers she has captivated. Congratulations on this little girl and may she receive many blessings for her charisma and great talent.


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