The girl organized a party and invited guests to celebrate her cat’s one year old. The cat has received many gifts

The kitten, Khaleesi, celebrated her first year of life in style: her ‘michis’ guests brought her scratching posts and gift toys. It was the best night of his life. Just as more and more people prefer to have pets instead of children, more people are also the ones who decide to celebrate the birthdays of these ‘spirulais’ and ‘michis’ to provide them with a moment of entertainment and affection with their families. And if these celebrations can generate more “likes” and views on social networks, much better.

Nobody resists seeing those animals being pampered in this way. Recently it was the turn of a kitten who was the protagonist at a birthday party that its owner, Jazmín Rodríguez, celebrated for him. According to information from Milenio, there was everything at the event: kitten food, a cake and even decorations, such as balloons and colored streamers. The cat, named Khaleesi, was celebrating one year of life and Jazmín decided that a good way to celebrate him was to organize a party with his relatives. But the celebration would be just as if it were a family.

That’s how they decided to sing him mornings, but in a language that he could “understand”: they sang the verses meowing like cats. The kitten was very curious about the people around it, as well as the many colorful decorations and food on the table. In addition, the relatives who were invited to the kitten’s first-year celebration brought gifts. Among the gifts were scratching posts, special croquettes, cakes and toys for cats. In fact, some of the guests were friendly cats who were entertaining themselves on some treadmills that were in the place.


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