Student center where children get knowledge related to our daily life

This initiative from the Montecastelo school in the city of Vigo aims to ensure that young people are not only academically competent, but also develop household skills. What is certain is that the nature of the learning content taught in classrooms can change over time. This is done in order to adapt to the changing times or even to take account of trends that may not have been taken into account before in the development of education. That’s what this school in Vigo, a city in north-west Spain, seems to be doing. There, workshops with domestic trades were set up so that the children could receive a complete education. This does not only include academic education. Rather, they should also know how to be independent as adults. 

This is the Montecastelo school, which shared on its Facebook account what these classes look like. The aim of this school is that every student who leaves their school is a young person who is not only equipped for university but also for life in general. To this end, they teach them how to cook and iron. “The ‘domestic skills’ or housework are activities that are taught in the form of a complementary subject at the Montecastelo School in Vigo,” writes the school in this 2018 publication. 

 This trend triggered good comments on social networks. Many people thought it would make sense to run these courses in their own schools as well. “I’m from Puebla, Mexico and I saw this. I congratulate you and hope that your teaching here in the country will be taken as an example. Practical and useful for the children of the future. Thanks,” wrote one user.

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