Better than in the movies: A young man makes the most romantic proposal to his beloved

A young resident of Great Britain, Varun Banot, decided to get married, and so that his girlfriend would not refuse him, he decided to make a marriage proposal in a very unusual way. That day, his girlfriend Anisha Seth had a birthday and Varun told her that he wanted to organize a helicopter ride as a gift.

The unsuspecting girl gladly agreed. The helicopter rose, the lovers flew for some distance, and suddenly Anisha saw a huge inscription on the ground in a wheat field. This was a direct question related specifically to her:

“Anisha, will you marry me? As the girl was recovering from what she had seen, her young man handed her a box with a ring in anticipation of an answer. “Yes,” Anisha replied and gave her fiancé a kiss. “I was expecting an offer from my boyfriend, but I didn’t think it would come that day,” Anisha said.

It took the ingenious Varun about three months to find farmers who would agree and help with the registration along with the marriage proposal. The guy in his idea was helped by his sister and brother. Returning from a helicopter flight, a chic Rolls Royce was waiting for the couple. It was a gift from the groom’s family, who decided to organize a romantic evening for them. “Varun made my dream come true. I feel like a real princess,” the bride shared on her impressions.

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