Netizens did not like that the woman proposed to the boy

These are just outdated gender roles created by society ․ We must break these norms and live life to its full potential. Despite the fact that there is a feeling that young people are getting married less and less, there is still a significant percentage of them who dream of being united forever in marriage with their partners. But, in addition, they also began to be more creative over time in their marriage proposals. your boyfriend. According to information from the Daily Mail, this is Sukhmin Garcha.

Although social gender roles have been questioned in recent years and there are no more prejudices about what is “masculine” or “feminine”, there are still certain societies that remain closed in relation to this. So Sukhim, a 27-year-old educator, decided to break these caricatures and filmed herself asking her boyfriend to marry her. The only problem is that the video spread and generated a backlash: most users laughed at her and trolled her for taking the initiative.

Criticism rained down on the woman originally from Vancouver, Canada, but mostly from female netizens. Some commented that they would rather “vacuum through the ocean than propose to a man” or that she “has no respect for herself”. I wanted to find the right time to do this. It didn’t cause any personal problems. My fiancé had the biggest smile on his face․ My mother was very proud,” she said.   “It was interesting to see how men supported women who proposed marriage. In our society we always want equality, but because of cultural prejudices there is always resistance,” she added.


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