Grandparents became old friends and married in their 90s and 100s.

Marcelino, 100 years old, and Branca, 96, from Brazil, did not want to waste any more time and immortalized their love regardless of their advanced age. In love there is no age to decide to fall in love and get married. The age at which the union is finalized does not matter, because marriage is not something only for young people, because when you are in love with all your heart, the desire to be together is inalienable.

 For this reason, some tender grandparents got married at over 90 years of age. Marcelino, 100 years old, and Branca, 96 years old, decided not to wait any longer to celebrate their love for the highest. After being dating for about 2 years, this couple decided to get married. 

And it is that, after meeting at a time when Marcelino lived in the house of his current wife, he never wanted to leave her side again, although it was after a year that they began dating. There is no shortage of reasons for this Brazilian couple to take this much-desired step.

“I was even scared, I was like ‘oh my God, what if he gives up?’ and he thought the same thing! Then, at the end, the two spoke at the same time: I thought you were going to resign,” he told G1 Globo. That’s where they took the step. Those who live around her have witnessed the growth of this love.

” She leaves his room, goes to his and they talk, she goes to say good morning and kisses him, you know? All of that matters. If he’s undressed, she goes and covers him and fixes her pillow. She is always taking care of him, ”said Monize Faria Cecílio, the couple’s caretaker. All this love involved, selfless love, pure love, right. And he is very affectionate. I think all this is very emotional, very true, very pure”, added Marilinda Ribeiro dos Santos, daughter of Marcelino.  For love there are no barriers or limits, they know it.

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