This actress admits that she does not know how to cook anything. He said he only knows how to boil water.

“The truth is that I’m not interested in learning,” admitted the actress who prefers to buy prepared dishes and snacks. She likes to cook, but let’s be honest, if she had the chance to buy prepared food most of the time, she would do it without hesitation. Anya Taylor-Joy was not ashamed to accept that she knows nothing about cooking and that she does not see the point of learning when we can simply order delivery. As she told Page Six, her skills in the kitchen refer to knowing how to boil water. In this regard, she said: “The truth is that she does not interest me. I’m not going to lie to you. I think we have delivery; we can order food “. 

She also added that she doesn’t deal well with being hungry or skipping a meal, as it could cause anxiety. For example, there are people who when they are hungry begin to despair. The actress stated, “I am someone who gets anxious, hungry and anxious, so I have to eat something. I need to eat regularly, I must have something in my stomach, no matter what.” As for the film, it was released on November 10 and is about a couple who travel by boat to an exclusive restaurant on a remote island.


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