The young man bought a rose for 200 dollars from the seller’s grandmother and hugged her excitedly. He wanted to help her

This Brazilian youtuber was also moved. “It was a special meeting. Anyway, much love to this person. There are those who have the possibility of helping others and they do it without expecting anything in return, but with the intention of showing solidarity and seeing a smile on their faces.

This is what this youtuber does in Brazil, who decided to give a big surprise to a lady who was selling roses on the street. John Leitão is a person who cannot help but lend a hand to others. For this reason, when he found Doña Irene in her daily work, offering these flowers to take food home, he bought her one of the roses at a price that she would never have expected. He paid her 1,000 Brazilian realis (around 188 dollars). for a rose, a price that no one would pay for a flower. She could not help but be moved by the gesture of solidarity․ Today’s video is pure emotion. Doña Irene, who had already participated in a video before, received another surprise, only this time even bigger. She bought him a single flower for 1,000 realis. She certainly did not expect to receive this money when I paid.

“Even I had to put up with it. It was a special meeting. Anyway, much love to this person. It is laughing with joy, ”she added. As can be seen in the images, Doña Irene hugged John very tightly when he bought her rose. “Peace and love for all and long live the flowers of the globe. John has 3.84 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, so his noble deeds reach the eyes of many people in each video. He only received applause and praise for helping others when they need it. More people like him are needed.


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