Canary is considered a very beautiful bird, which also has a beautiful voice and sings. They can also be kept at home

For more than 500 years, man has domesticated this songbird as a pet. Canary is the only pet, so the sound machine has changed, hence her song.

This song popularized canaries, especially the Harz Roller breed. The canary is quite a popular pet songbird that delights its owner with its song. At the same time, pets quickly get used to their owners and tame them. Care and maintenance of canaries at home is not a difficult process, they are considered unpretentious birds. The birds are confident, trainable and breed well.

How to tell a canary from a canary?  The differences between the species of these birds are quite small, so sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish a girl from a boy. One should pay attention to the appearance, sounds and behavior of the three signs. The tail length of females is about half a centimeter shorter than that of males.

If the owners provide the bird with excellent care and comfortable conditions, it can live for 15 years. There are also data on eighteen-year-old birds. Colored canaries come in a variety of colors: red, orange, spotted, yellow, gray, green, and more. The most sought after of this group of collectors and hobbyists are red canaries, these birds are made to be admired, heard and not worn. their hands.

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