A woman unexpectedly has triplets at the age of 40, then twins

Children are an integral part of our life. We all love them and dream to take care of them, raise them and see them very happy. Victoria Alekseeva, a resident of Sofia, has already managed to get married at a young age, her only daughter has grown up. Victoria was 30 years old when she met Alexander. 

The romance quickly turned into something more, the couple decided to get married and start living with a full family. The result exceeded all expectations. triplets were born. At that time, Vika was 40 years old, taking care of three crumbs required a lot of time and effort. 

Therefore, the woman did not immediately pay attention to the drowsiness that appeared, attributing everything to fatigue. It didn’t even occur to the young mother that she might be pregnant, because she couldn’t have any more children. The woman was very happy. 

He even jokingly asked the doctor if it was possible that the children were triplets again. And the doctor answered very seriously that they only see twins. For a long time, Vika and Alexander could not believe that all this was real and was happening to them after they had not been able to have a child for so many years. And over time, twins were born, absolutely healthy and beautiful.

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