A girl who has grown up today and represents famous organizations

The young Thylane Blondeau is far from new in the world of fashion: the young girl has been shooting for gloss and advertising since the age of four. One of the fashion magazines once called her “the most beautiful girl on the planet”. Now Tilan has grown up she is 16 years old and she can officially walk the catwalk and participate in fashion shows. 

What she immediately took advantage of: during Fashion Week, which began in Paris, Thylane was invited to work by several well-known fashion houses at once. Earlier, she appeared at the fashion show in Milan and paraded during the demonstration of new collections from Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week. It was not by chance that Tilan entered the world of fashion, she was born into a famous family: her father is a former footballer, her mother is a television host, photographer and fashion designer for children. 

With such support, it was easy for the girl to join the fashion industry, and her expressive appearance allowed her to become a real star. Thylane quickly became the highest paid young model on the planet. Now the Instagram-only girl has 1.6 million followers.

 Meanwhile, many note that working from an early age has not benefited Tilan: she has lost her childlike spontaneity and freshness and looks much older than her age. Nevertheless, Thylane’s business goes definitely go up: she already advertises for many well-known brands. At the last Cannes Film Festival, she walked the red carpet as a model for the cosmetics brand L’Oreal, and recently the girl signed a contract to advertise the perfume Lolita Lempicka.


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