The family bought this old bus for pennies and turned it into a royal house.

Adam and Jessica, like any young family, dreamed of owning their own home. However, it turns out that the newly married couple became parents. Jessica couldn’t work for a while and Adam’s salary was sorely lacking. 

The family decided to find a more affordable and original solution. Browsing the internet, the couple became interested in an English family who described how they had been living in a converted van for several years. 

The family not only turned the transport into a comfortable home, but also managed to get to many interesting places. Adam and Jessica quickly found a convenient option by buying an old school bus for almost pennies. Of course, the renovation took a lot of time and effort. However, it was much cheaper than buying an apartment or a house, as the couple did a lot with their own hands. 

Today, Adam and Jessica already have four preschoolers. The family managed to travel to many interesting and beautiful places. The couple do not rule out that one day they decide to buy a permanent residence, but for now they are quite satisfied with a comfortable mobile home.

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