Grandmother is 90 years old, but she lives happily by painting pictures on all the houses in the village.

As we can see, there are many creative people in the world today. Among them there are also adults who are really talented. Age does not prevent anything, the silent witness of all this is the twenty-year-old grandmother, who cannot imagine her life without her favorite job. He even thinks that thanks to his work he feels younger.

If you wish, any ordinary, inconspicuous place can be transformed into something amazing. The small village of Luka in the Czech Republic is an example. Every day, the village blooms and all thanks to a talented inhabitant. She wanted to transform this place, give it a national flavor. People’s artist Anezhka Kashparkova celebrated her 90th birthday.

Every spring and summer for 40 years, she has painted designs on houses that beautify their village She devotes all her free time to her favorite work. Anezh was a farm worker before this unusual hobby. She has become very popular. Every inhabitant of the village is fascinated by his paintings. The most surprising thing is that Anezh does not think about the drawings in advance. The result of the work becomes a surprise for her. This proves that all ages are sensitive to creativity. Loving work is what makes us live and move forward.

The work of Anezh is irrefutable proof of this. You have to do it from the bottom of your heart and for yourself first, like Anezh. Then you will be appreciated. We think everyone will agree that the works are very beautiful. If you visit the Czech Republic, be sure to visit this fabulous place.

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