As a result of an engineer’s thinking, these houses were created for the homeless.

Geoffroy de Reynal invented shelters for homeless people. The temperature inside the igloo can be up to 20°C higher than outside. The purpose of the igloo is to protect homeless people, especially in winter. An igloo fulfills several vital needs as it offers people privacy and security. For many of us, the fast approaching winter days remind us of Christmas and family. 

They make us think of cozy blankets, hot chocolates, beautifully decorated homes and so much more that warms our hearts. However, for many, this is the worst time of the year. Homeless people have no choice but to face the cold. The French engineer Geoffrey de Reynal, knowing the difficulties these people were going through, decided to solve the problem. This igloo offers warmth, security and privacy. The primary goal of the designer was to invent something that would retain heat and protect people from the cold. 

To ensure the safety of Igloo users, the designer has used safe materials. In addition to ensuring user privacy, security and protection, Geoffroy de Reynal also worked hard to find a design that blends well with the urban environment. Igloos were placed on the streets, around existing shelters and on benches. Here’s what Igloo users have to say: It is much easier to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. This igloo is expensive. This Igloo is perfect, absolutely perfect. Sometimes I get too hot and I have to sleep without my jacket. Each of us has our own personal sleeping space. We are good. Not a drop of rain inside. And I’m hot.

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