This is a subway station. It seems to the observer that it is not real.

Architecture continues to amaze with its crazy structures. The structures differ from each other with their original attitude. Today we will introduce you to the crazy structure of the U Bahn subway line in Frankfurt, Germany. For observers, it may seem unimaginable. It’s like a tram that seems to merge into the pavement.

The structure is called Bockenheimer Warter, it is the entrance to the station, which caused a lot of discussion. When seeing it, it can even seem unreal. Architect Zbigniew Peter, being a well-known and famous architect, tried to achieve perfection. It was built in 1986. The unusual design tries to somehow distract the city’s residents from worries.

This amazing structure is considered the first in Frankfurt. It has quite a large area, it has become one of the favorite places of many tourists, because the structure has something to say. This project was recognized as the best project to build a metro station.

The locals would never have thought that such a crazy structure was waiting for them, and now it has become a famous structure. When you look at its pictures, you will understand that it is a wonderful structure that has no other like it. It has attracted many people due to its unique and distinctive design. Even these wonderful pictures spread on the Internet and won the hearts of thousands of people.

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