These 7 women love each other like sisters. They built a house together and spend their old age with each other

Growing up, people realize that they can be alone, and that makes them uncomfortable the most. Some of them are trying to adapt to this ritual, some of them think that they still have a long time to find a solution to the problems they face after getting old. 7 close friends who came from Guangzhou, China, they were worried about the thought that after they get old, they will be alone or appear alone. are in a nursing home. Since they have been together for a long time, they unanimously decided to build their own nursing home. It was a very crazy idea that they made real. They bought a 700 square meter old house and turned it into their own nursing home. They completely renovated the old house, because they all had monthly paid jobs, the renovation was very cheap for them. They chose to paint the entire exterior of the house white to represent their long life.

And they wanted to build a recreation area in the yard. Where they could spend their best evenings. They loved each other very much, and growing old together was the best for them. Their house was located near the hills. The old house became a two-story retirement home, where the seven girlfriends would grow old. The house has spacious rooms, each of which was furnished in its own way, they already knew who would sleep in which room, and the living room is quite spacious and prepared of all with any design. They also thought of a separate tea room, which became a reality. The beautiful paintings on the walls made the atmosphere of the house more luxurious. These women have been in contact with each other for years.


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