The little boy’s parents decided to photograph him in different positions and in Christmas clothes.

Parents come up with the craziest ideas for their kids. They do it to entertain their kids. Here is a father of six children who decided to entertain his little one on Christmas. Alan Lawrence, the father decided to remind the tradition of Christmas elves.

He decided to make his 4-month-old Rockwell the most beautiful elf in the world. He made up about his little elf on his popular blog and uploaded them to his page.

The mother also participated in the ideation and made Rockwell’s dress herself.Their relatives and friends loved the Christmas elf. It brought them amusement and pleasure. They had 6 children, the youngest of them was 4 months old, whose photos became famous and were published on his father’s blog and social networks.

The photos were edited by the father, who was very good at that art. They dressed the baby as a holiday elf. He looked very funny. If you look at the pictures, you will see for yourself that he was really made for that character. This baby, dressed entirely in red, became a popular Christmas symbol on the Internet. He captured the whole internet with his funny smile.

Neva’s parents were the authors of the baby’s new image and they also liked his elf image, because it amused the other children as well. He tried to make the daily life of the children interesting and fun. It turned out and in every picture you can see the adventures and funny pictures of the little one. All parents try to make their children’s daily life interesting and meaningful

Everyone imagines options for entertaining children in their own way. Children are happy even from small things, which seems big and important to them. Especially Christmas is the most awaited holiday to make children happy and entertained. Parents managed to make their little one happy despite being very young, because he was really happy and enjoyed his Christmas.

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