Lilies for the garden that get the sun’s energy and illuminate the garden at night

Flowers are the beauty of nature that fill the surroundings with aromatic smell and beauty. Keeping a garden is not easy from any point of view. Cultivating them is not easy either. Have you ever heard of such a plant as solar powered lily flowers? If you haven’t heard it, you can get acquainted and know that it exists.

It will give your garden a cool and colorful look. During the day, they bud and bloom like ordinary lilies and fill the yard with beauty. But at night, they take on a magical appearance .As the sun goes down, these lovely lilies light up, emitting light and illuminating the surroundings of the house. The area takes on a magical and enchanting look. These flowers absorb the energy of the sun during the day and emit it at night. They have internal 1.2V/600mAH Ni-MH batteries that are automatically charged during the day.

These flowers are real miracles, the existence of which many people did not know. Such flowers really beautify our everyday life and especially at night they give a magical and refreshing look to the surroundings. The flowers will light up automatically as soon as the light is turned on. These are waterproof and suitable for all weather conditions.

The sheets are very durable and molded with fabric. The stems are made of stainless steel. At the same time, the battery is very securely installed . The lights are wireless and can be placed anywhere. Just put it in the ground and enjoy the beautiful appearance of the dogs. It will become a beautiful ornament of the garden and will beautify and illuminate the whole garden.

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