Hands that symbolize unity. This bridge has great significance

“Building Bridges:” Big  Hands Reaching Across Venice Canal Are A Symbol Of Unity We all know what bridges are built for. They tend to connect one place to another. Here is the bridge built by the ideology of a company, which represents six pairs of monumental hands of Italy. Those hands are joined in pairs in different ways.

lorenzo quinn building bridges monumental hands installation

It was created by an Italian sculptor. It was designed by Lorenzo Quinn. It was 50 feet high and 65 feet wide. Lorenzo Qui has built a unique bridge, which is perfect in its appearance. It runs its length along the Venice Canal, forming bridges of unity. It is a symbol of unity, which is evidenced by its appearance and existence.

lorenzo quinn building bridges venice

The two hands are considered the most vivid symbol of unity. While building it, Lorenzo Quinn drew it carefully and thought about every detail. These couples symbolize certain values; friendship, building the future together. Wisdom to make mutually beneficial decisions.

monumental hands art installation venice

To help, to establish strong relations, Faith, trusting your heart and self-worth; To have hope, to persevere in worthwhile endeavors. and Love, the fundamental purpose of all of that. These are the foundations of the sculpture, and there can be no darkness if these values are not there. He has thought about it and its symbols for a year .That bridge is considered to be his masterpiece.


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