The crows became friends with the woman who fed them every day. One day the crows thanked the woman by bringing them precious things

Birds have such a character line that can define a person. They can recognize people who treat them well. Our today’s publication is such an example. A woman who had just moved into her new apartment noticed that there was a large crow’s nest on the tree in front of her window. She loved birds and feeding them was a great pleasure for her. When she left for work in the morning, she left food for the crows on the windowsill and left.

bird gifts for feeder

Upon returning, she noticed that the windowsill was clean. The woman used to open the room window for fresh air. That day, as usual, she had left the window open, when she entered she saw the crows sitting on the windowsill, and it was interesting that they were not affected when they saw the woman. They were used to the woman’s warm attitude and without a doubt waited for their share of food every day. The woman knew very well what the crows liked, and every time she returned from work, she would definitely buy her favorite dishes from the store.It was a weekend when the woman opened her eyes in the morning and noticed the crows sitting on the window.

crow family gifts

She immediately jumped up and opened the window, they immediately went inside. The woman was well aware that the crows had contacted her. She also loved ravens and could not imagine a dawn without seeing them. They had known each other for two weeks and that was enough for them to bond. However, one day when the woman returned from work, she noticed that the tree nest was empty, she opened the window and looked around, but she did not find the crows, instead she found many valuable coins that the crows had left on the window. They expressed their gratitude to the woman for taking care of them and feeding them. That was something that no one would ever think of. Those birds had a bigger heart than most people. They were able to say thank you and leave, and the woman took the precious coins and kept them in a very safe place to remember the beloved crows.


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