Tents for recreation, which are assembled within seconds

Rest is very important for people in summer season. Summer vacations are organized mainly in forests, open sea areas. And the best options for recreation are vans and tents. And hiking can be organized with tents, because it is more typical that every hiker should have his own tent.

coleman 4-person pop-up tent easy to set up

And now we present to the holiday lovers the pop-up tents for four people. Rest spent in forests and open spaces can disconnect you from everyday problems and give you a pleasant rest. All those who have spent their holidays in the camps are very well aware that setting up a camping tent is a big complication and the pop-up tents we offer will give you a pleasant rest without  complication. You can assemble it in one go, its pre-assembled rods allow you to lift it anywhere, and you only need 10 seconds to set it up.

coleman 4-person pop-up tent outdoor

It provides 100% protection from rains, small insects, it is made of waterproof fabric , it can withstand  winds. And inside you can feel very comfortable and safe. Up to four people can spend the night in a very comfortable environment. The finished tent is 9 feet 2 inches long and 6 feet 6 inches wide, with a center height of 3 feet 4 inches. You can simply take it out of the case and place it in a dry area, and when you’re done resting, you can fold it up and put it back in the case. It is very light and will not take up much space. So all you have to do is buy and go on a pleasant vacation.



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