The boy took the lonely grandmother to his house and took care of him. The grandmother bequeathed her house to the boy

Old age can often become fatal, as people age they can lose attention and even their children. Today we will present you a story whose heroine would give anything to be in the center of her children’s attention. It was 2013, when Chris Salvatore came to the city to study, he rented a new apartment. and the first neighbor he met was 85-year-old Norma Cook and her cat Hermes. Their apartments were opposite each other and they met often. Chris was a very well mannered young man, he loved and respected his elders. In the morning when Chris was going to university, he met Norma and said hello, and from that moment they became friends. Norma liked Chris very much, she was fascinated by his food. He even prepared various dishes and entertained Chris. They were getting closer. Chris was always interested in Norma’s health. Norma had some health problems and even knew that Norma did not have enough funds for her health.

She needed a caregiver, which she didn’t have, her children had left her alone, and the only person she trusted was Chris. Chris decided that he should help Norma, because health is a very precious and important thing in the world. He organized a fundraiser with his friends, and in one day more than $25,0000 was raised.  Chris was very happy, he helped Norma with that money and even bought clothes for her. Norma needed love and warmth. The boy convinced her with great difficulty and took him to his house to live together. He took care very well,  food at the right time. The doctor told Chris that Norma didn’t have long to live.

That’s why Chris spared nothing to make her happy. Norma once told her that she would love to have a grandson like him to take care of her. However, she was always deprived of family love and affection, until the moment when Chris appeared. Son, you changed my life, you gave me love and care, and I am thankful that I met you in the last months of my life. Since my life is very little left, I would like to thank you by giving you my small and modest house, you can sell it or give it to someone else, it is already yours. Chris was very excited to hear those words, unfortunately Norman was no longer with Chris that winter, he was very sad, and when he missed Norma, he would open his phone and calmly scroll through their pictures and secretly smile.

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