This tree has a history of approximately 6000 years. It is considered a legacy

There are thousands of different plants and animals in the world, which can look unusual and attractive. They can attract the attention of thousands of people and become an object of interest. In the middle of the streets of the city of Santa Maria del Tule, Mexico, there is a Tule tree Thule is the thickest tree on the whole planet. 

The diameter of its nest is fourteen meters, and the circumference is forty-two meters. At first, Thule can be confused with the trunks of different trees fused together, but as tests have proven, Thule is a separate tree. The circumference of the Thule tree can be compared to 30 people standing hand in hand. The shadow created by the tree can cover five hundred people. The height of the tree is forty meters and it weighs about 630 tons. According to the legend of the Mexican Indian people, the Tule tree has a history of 1,400 years. Scientists also confirm that the information obtained from the legend is reliable.

 The age range of the tree varies from 3000 to 6000 years. The local residents take care of the famous tree, watering it and cutting the branches, and on the second Monday of October, the city celebrates the festival in honor of the Thule tree. It has become everyone’s favorite and adored tree. It has also gained worldwide recognition and was even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001. 

Thule means “sacred tree”. Sometimes it is also called “Tree of Life” because of the images of animals that can be seen on the trunk if desired. The tulle tree belongs to the Taxodium Mexican species of the genus Cypress. This tree seems to be an eternal witness, standing due to its beautiful and unusual appearance, it invites thousands of people to see this place and admire its unusual appearance.


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