They live by dance and dancing.Their age does not stop them from dancing.

Dancing is beautiful at any age, people may love dancing more as they get older and continue to do it. It has many useful properties. All dancers can have a healthy heart and have no health problems, some people think that age deprives people of many things and old age is not suitable to dance or participate in big parties Ditmar and Nellie were a dance couple, participated in many dance shows together, had both victories and defeats. They are now sixty years old. By the way, they are not only a dancing couple, but a husband and wife who love dancing and live by dancing. Even the years could not change them, they still love dancing. They are old only on the outside, very young at heart, the couple is crazy about dancing.

 At that age, they can hardly dance tango, but they danced rock and roll and surprised everyone. All the parties they attend cannot leave without performing a beautiful dance number. At a recent party, they made a big surprise for the guests. Showing a very different number, they danced more than five dances without rest during the number. We had never seen anything like this, that video attracted everyone, all those who knew the couple were their fans, and those who didn’t wanted to know and follow their numbers. During that evening, everyone was incredibly happy because there were legendary dancers on stage. With each of their numbers, the couple showed that life goes on at any age, and age cannot change their soul, because the soul always wants to stay young, no matter how old it gets.


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