The little girl dreamed of marrying their neighbor. Her mom made the kid’s dream come true

Children’s dreams can be a little different in reality. At any age, children dream of different things. Their dreams may seem crazy at times but they can also come true if there is a strong desire. Abby is only four years old, and like all children, she has multiples, she lives alone with her mother. and often shares with his mother about his dreams and wishes. And his mother has always fulfilled any of his dreams.This time the girl’s dream was a little different, she told her mother what she wanted, and her mother started laughing and tried to explain that she cannot fulfill that dream or wish because she is still a child, and the dream will come true when she grows up.However, the child, not understanding, asked her mother and asked a lot and the mother had to agree. Little Abby dreamed of marrying the man next door. That’s why mother started to organize the wedding of her daughtet. She first talked to the neighbor, the man laughed at first, but agreed to help the mother realize the girl’s dream. They organized everything in the style of a real wedding.

4-Year-Old Cancer Patient Marries Her Nurse | POPSUGAR Family

Abby wore a white dress, attached beautiful hairpins to her hair, and made up her face with her mother’s makeup products. And the groom made rings with flowers for himself and the little bride.The groom approached, gave a bouquet of flowers and stood next to his bride, thanks to his mother, they got married. They exchanged rings and sat down to eat, then danced and had fun. And in the end, they took a lot of photos to remember that wedding for a long time. Abby was very happy because her crazy dream came true. She did not even understand the meaning of marriage. She just wanted to marry a much older man whom she already knew from their yard. This was the first wedding where the bride was 4 years old and the groom was 40. Well, we all understood that this was just a play and nothing more.


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