The little girl separated from the dance group on the stage and started doing other movements.

Dance has a great influence in life. It is considered the best activity for children. They can achieve perfection through dance. The types of dance are diverse. Today’s little heroine is a ballet master. Ballet is a type of dance that originated during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century Since then, the dance has become widespread. Ballet is a powerful dance with basic techniques used in other dance genres. As a result, ballet has developed in different ways. A ballet as a work must necessarily have staging, choreography and musical accompaniment.
More interesting is our today’s video, where ballet dancers perform from the big stage. But one of them was different from her dancing friends. She danced as she liked. She made the movements very lightly, as if she was dancing alone in her room and no one was watching her. The audience was smiling wonderfully from the speech of the little one. She was very direct and presented the dance from her perspective. Ballet has its own principles. The dancers have to wear very beautiful ballet costumes, which makes the show even more beautiful.

 Dance teachers start their work after studying for one to two years.You don’t need much to learn this type of dance, you just have to experience each dance move. The music should be played from within, and the dance should be light and smooth. A ballet solo dance is a very beautiful tune, the slow music played under the dim lights can leave any observer speechless. The dance is often staged with simple costumes and no decorations.
You never know what to expect from children, because they present the dance and the song as they perceive it. And the perception of children is really different from the perception and performances of adults. The children are more emotional and a little exciting. They make a movement and a performance can be the result of emotionality.



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