An island that is wonderful for relaxation. Here you can fully relax

There are many beautiful places on the earth that are suitable for recreation. Nowadays, islands can also become places of refuge. Where they can enjoy an exotic vacation. The Indian Ocean is known to all of us, there is a secluded island that is very suitable for a solo vacation. Mauritius is located in East Africa, this is a small island nation that is considered the most favorite place for tourists. It looks magical with its snow-white beaches, blue lagoons and indescribable nature.

The island is distinguished by its coastline, which consists of coral reefs.  They can walk quietly in the capital, enjoying evening rest. Here you will find all facilities for a pleasant stay. Everyone dreams of getting in such a place. Visitors to this island will definitely be satisfied, because they will not leave without having fun, excursions are regularly organized throughout the country, and extreme lovers can find their favorite sports there. The flora and fauna are rich in exotic specimens.

Mauritius was not an independent state, it was discovered in the 16th century, and a century later it was settled by the Dutch, who developed agriculture. And already in the 20th century it gained independence. It is actually a very multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. Due to the unique nature and wonderful climate, some heads of state and high-ranking officials seek to dress only in Mauritius. Besides the beach and nature, there are other places there – Chamarel village is also a very pleasant place and must be visited. The village surprises visitors with ancient churches, temples and colorful sands. The island with similar rich nature and various fauna and flora is a wonderful vacation spot, where you can spend an adventurous and very interesting vacation without a moment’s hesitation or regret. Today, everyone strives for rest and more to admire the nature. People like to enjoy rest in unusual places, where everything is different and extraordinary.


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