Today, the roofs of the buildings turn into gardens. People can get on the roof and have a good time there

Mumbai-based Sanjay Puri Architects is developing urban projects that should enhance green spaces and parks. With the development of global urbanization, especially in big cities with dense buildings, there is a big problem of a shortage of parks and gardens. This negatively affects the ecology of the city.

university building interior sustainable design

Sanjay Puri Architects designed the university building with a roof topped with trees and flower beds. The aim of the project is to reunite man and nature. Students in their free time will have the opportunity to relax in nature and be inspired by its beauty. The Prestige University building is modular squares with a green roof that rises gradually from ground level to 63 feet. Each square is covered with lawn and flowers, and trees are planted between the squares. Under the roof there is a ventilation and irrigation system.

university building landscaped green roof

Such a roof has many advantages. During the rains the water will not run down the walls and create impassable rivers in the streets. And in the heat, thanks to the trees inside the building, the temperature will not rise much. The building has four floors. In it, not only the roof is covered with greenery. On each level there is a library, administration, classrooms and landscaping is present everywhere. Thanks to the windows between the floors, sunlight enters through all the floors, providing light to the plants. This is an innovative design that has already been put into operation. If the project is successful, the company plans to continue to build similar structures with additional landscaping to solve the problem of parks and recreation areas in large cities.



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