This song and dance are just awesome. They are positive for the whole day.

Dance is not only a dynamic movement of the body, but also an art, an aesthetic pleasure. In every dance movement there is life, sun, light, hope and warmth. Every movement of the dance is straining to express great human emotions and feelings. No matter what human life is like, there are hardly any emotions and thoughts there, and many can express it in the dance movements themselves. Luis Fonsin and Demi Lovato were the couple who stood under the song of Marlon Alves and showed a wonderful dance number. The combination of this song and dance turned out to be a wonderful performance. The video that was filmed spread with great momentum and gained popularity.

This couple was just an ordinary couple who were amateurs in music and dance. They didn’t attend dance or singing lessons. Once they went out into the street and started to realize a dream: to play and dance in the street at the same time. They did so. They started to sing and dance. A large crowd had gathered outside and everyone was watching in amazement and at the same time in awe. Similar performances usually do not attract much attention, but this one was an exception.Not only  it brօught thousands of people together, but many people filmed this footage and posted it on the Internet and got a lot of views too. People did not imagine that people far from this field could be so active and master such art. Their movements were very consistent with the music and even turned out much better than the performances prepared and staged for days.They performed their dance to a very popular song and got the attention of many people. Our performances become the most viewed and liked videos, which have many followers. Such videos stay on the websites for a long time and get a lot of praise. Due to their performance, this romantic couple also received invitations  to participate in famous shows . Thanks to this performance, great success and victories awaited them.With their performance, they proved that it is not necessary to become a specialist in a given field, the important thing is motivation and desire, whatever pushed the couple forward to their dream of performing and getting satisfaction from their own dance.


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