The dog took care of the grandmother instead of the boy, until her grandson found the grandmother and brought her home.

Dogs are friends of people, they can serve their owners and protect them. Dogs are even capable of doing human things that most people can’t do. This time we will present a story that is a little bit surprising. Grigor, a greedy man who achieved everything thanks to money and continued to achieve, had a son. When his son Alex grew up, he decided that his son should marry someone who would have a lot of income, his wife also wanted her son to marry their colleague’s daughter Alison. Luckily Alison and Alex fell in love and got married. The daughter’s father had agreed to the marriage with only one condition: the young couple should have a spacious house. Grigor loved money very much and suddenly remembered his mother, who lived in an old but beautiful Victorian house. He thought that he could take his mother to a nursing home and give the house to a young couple. That way he wouldn’t buy a new house and spend a lot of money. He went to the nursing home and told his mother that she must not take the dog with her. “But why,” asked the woman “I feel good with it .


” “You should go to a nursing home to be taken care of, this dog definitely can’t take care of you if something happens,” said the son. Mrs. Lucy agreed , but asked that Grigory and Alex should visit her. Grigor lied to his mother because he needed the house to be free. Lucy lived in a nursing home with her dog for a few months. After some time, he told his son, Alex, that Lucy was not alive and bequeathed her house to him. “You and Alison can move in, I’ve already cleaned it up and it’s ready to live in.” It took a few days before they moved their things and went to live there. Alex couldn’t sleep the first day because Lucy’s dog stood in front of the house barking all night. Alison asked Alex to go and see why the dog was barking so much, Alex was also curious why the dog was barking, maybe it was barking at them, and went to find out. Alex was a very kind and loving person and was not at all like his father, he tenderly stroked the dog , he suddenly noticed that something was hanging on the dog’s neck. He saw a photo  .It was his grandmother’s photo and a note with an address. On his way home, Alex could not sleep again. Alex jumped out, seeing the dog, and ran after him. The dog stopped a couple of blocks away. Alex read the writing on the paper and saw that it was the same address as written. It was an old barn in the fields. “What’s here buddy?”Alex asked the dog. He saw his grandmother lying on the grass. “Grandma, you are alive, father told me that you are not there, I am very happy that you are alive, everything is fine with you.”The grandmother was very weak. She told Alex that it was Grigor who left her there, he lied to him by saying that he would bring food, but he did not, and her faithful friend was her dog.It did not leave her alone, it found food for her and fed her, it was more attentive than her son. Alex was very surprised by his father’s behavior and took his grandmother home with him. Warmed and nursed together with Alison ,Alex cut all ties with his father, taking custody of his grandmother. And he thanked the dog every day for helping him find his grandmother.

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