A stranger fulfilled the little girl’s dream. The baby’s father did not buy a pink dress for his daughter

Caring is very necessary for everyone, even for people who don’t have family and children. And it becomes even more enjoyable when the performer is a small child. Madison took a very important step at her birthday party. Dhe heard from her childhood that caring is very important in people’s lives, she should be caring towards everyone. Madison was very happy because she had been waiting for her ninth birthday for a long time. A small unchanging dream is that on this anniversary her father would buy her the pink dress of her dreams. Life as a single father had not been easy for John. He could not find another job and worked at a local gas station.

Having overcome a number of tests, he managed to provide his daughter with everything. The only thing he didn’t give Madison was the pink dress of her dreams. Her father told her that he doesn’t like pink, but she still dreamed and hoped that her father would give her a gift. Johnny had already decided to give his daughter a maroon dress. Finally, the day came, and Madison was eagerly awaiting her gift. When her father brought the gift, she jumped up from her seat with joy, but the smile of joy faded from her face when she opened it. “Why, daddy, -sayedthe little girl ,I ha d so many brown dresses .

The father asked for cutting the cake. Little Madison put on the dress not to disappoint her daddy and introduced herself with a fake smile. However, she could not control herself, went outside for the father not seeing her excitement, and suddenly noticed a man approaching her, who was wearing old clothes. Madison told the man it was her birthday and she wasn’t happy, she ran home and came back with a small piece of cake. She gave it to the man and said that the lady is not beautiful and does not like that dress. The stranger stroked the girl’s head and reassured her that she was wrong and that she was a real beauty and the dress suited her very well. The man said that and left taking the piece of cake with him. Madison thought she would never see the man again. However, the next day, when he was alone at home, he suddenly heard a knock on the door and opened the door and saw the man who had come to see him. They had a nice chat and the man left.

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