The little boy helped his grandmother so that she could take care of her grandmother

Friendship is very important in everyone’s life. Not everyone can be a true friend. Let’s follow our heroes for great insights of the friendship. Our hero Noah is only 8 years old, but he is endowed with such qualities that are excluded in some adults. His friend’s grandmother was not feeling well, and his friend loved his grandmother very much, he tried his best to take care of her, and Noah, being a very good friend, decided to help her. In the morning, he went to their house and started taking care of his grandmother with his friend. they decided to make soup for grandma, bought all the necessary products and started making it. The soup was very wonderful, the grandmother tasted it with great love. After a few days, the grandmother was transferred to another city to continue the treatment. After quite a long time of attempts, everything happened independently of their expectations. Two years later, the boy was called to the lawyer’s office to receive the last letter and gift from his grandmother. The letter read, “Never give any conclusions about a person until you know them.” This is what school teacher Bethany Parker realized when she wrote her last letter. The 58-year-old school teacher has always put work first.

Spanish Name for Grandmother: Formal and Informal Terms

For 30 years, she devoted her life to children, instilling the best values in them. She will never forget Noah Jerome, who was her student, although he had very high human values despite his grades and  behavior. He was very playful like any 8 year old. His grades were always falling, especially in math and science. She thought he should keep Eric away from Noah so that he wouldn’t be able to influence his grades, but he couldn’t do that at all. They had a very close friendship. One day when Noah went to school, he noticed that Eric and his grandmother did not attend school. Confused, he looked around and started asking questions, but no one answered him. Noah called Eric, but he did not answer, and only a day later he learned that Mrs. Bethany had health problems, and Eric stayed at home to take care of her. Noah was very excited and decided to visit his friend to find out how Mrs. Bethany was doing. Since Noah had a very big heart and valued his friendship much more, he decided that he should help his grandmother take care of Eric. From all this, Mrs. Bethany realized something important and, wrote her last letter, began as follows: “Never make any conclusions about a person unless you know him, or you never will know when and how he can help you.”

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