The granddaughter took her grandmother to her house, whom her father refused to keep and take care of

Children’s hearts are kind and sincere. There was a little girl like 14-year-old Zoe who helped a grandmother on a cold winter day. When Zoe was little, her parents often played with pillows as if they were fighting with each other. They always asked the girl who she loved the most, and the girl always laughed and exclaimed that she loved her grandmother. Years passed and everything changed. The relationship between father and mother also changed. Playing with the pillow soon stopped. Zoe stayed away from all that. She learned a lot from her grandmother. Edna lived alone in a small house. Her granddaughter visited her grandmother every Sunday, whose house was heaven for her. Edna taught her grandson how to feed cattle, bargain and sell goods. Dhe also taught how to trade in the market.

She lived with her parents and spent the rest of the week at his grandmother’s house outside the city. She liked the village. Zoe still hadn’t forgotten the sofa on which they used to sit to watch a movie as a family. The separation of her parents was not easy for Zoe. Her memories, the sweetest moments of her childhood were always with the girl. When the grandmother became very old and could no longer move on her own, she moved in with her son and daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law would not like to live in their house, besides, she did not have a very good relationship with her husband. That is why the grandmother noticed such attitude and left the house one day. Soon the granddaughter who loved the grandmother found out about it. She missed her grandmother very much and she didn’t like the fact that she had left home. She needed help and couldn’t live outside alone, especially without a roof and in the cold. But the years passed and everything changed as if everyone forgot anout the grandmother and their memories.

Years later, the girl grew up and was already studying. One cold autumn day, the girl was walking home from class and suddenly noticed an old woman on the bench. She saw that the woman was  cold. She approached and asked why the old woman sat alone outside in the cold. The woman silently looked at the girl, recognizing her familiar and dear voice. The girl took off her jacket and threw it on her grandmother’s shoulders. The old woman could not contain her excitement and uttered the girl’s name. Looking at the girl’s face, the old woman smiled with her sincere and pure smile. The girl also recognized her grandmother, her relative and beloved being. She did not know what to say, did not know how to control her excitement. She hugged her and kissed her longingly. The grandmother also missed her granddaughter and was very happy to see her. She explained the reason for her absence and departure. She saw the children’s financial situation and did not want to be a burden, so she took this step. Her granddaughter took her to her house and took care of her. Every morning she greeted her grandmother with her warm and kind smile. She took care of her and asked her to tell her stories and remember her childhood days as before.

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