The child was telling a story to his father in half his words.

Children are always unpredictable at any age, even when they can’t even speak, they always utter unpredictable words that are not even understood. They can sometimes speak words and sentences that are not understood. Erin Fitzgerald is a one-year-old girl who could not yet pronounce words correctly. However, she was very calm when talking to family members  He spoke whatever he wanted and didn’t really care if he was understood or not.

Later, his mother filmed the conversation between the baby and his father. Eri started the conversation by pointing at something with her fingers, then she started to curl her fingers as if she was counting, and then she closed her fingers and dad answered her with the sentence <you’re kidding me>. Eri answered her dad in her baby language, dad interrupted again saying <what is the next?>. Little Eri  continued her story. The little girl scratched her  head for a moment, then continued as if she was complaining about something. After finishing her conversation, she sat on the floor exhausted and hung her head, as if she was tired from a long, long conversation. The father was very patient to listen to the child, but they were hindered by the child’s lack of speaking properly, which of course was temporary. It would take a baby a year to learn to speak properly. She talked all day telling and complaining, the little one was very impatient, maybe she wanted to learn the words as soon as possible, so that she could explain to everyone what she wanted to speak on her own. Her speech was very well developed compared to het age, so she could be listed among the record holders who are distinguished by their abilities and great talent.



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