The woman made her wedding dress. The groom liked it very much

Knitting clothes is still an ancient custom. In the olden days, grandmothers used to knit, but now it is not a very modern option. Even if they want a knit dress, they knit it and sell it for money. It is also a tiring process for many people. One of the residents of Helsinki, Veronika Lindberg, she worked with knitting, and thanks to it, she has 244,000 followers on her YouTube channel. Lindbergh also shared her experience and history. She started her hobby at the age of 5.

Bride Spent 200 Hours—And About $290—Knitting Her Own Wedding Dress

She said that her grandmother taught her to knit. And now you could show the blog to everyone and be proud of your precious memories. Her wedding was coming soon and the girl decided to knit her own wedding dress. She spent enough time to knit it. She knitted it for about 45 days and she was very tired from that work. It took her 4 days to rest. She spent $290 to make her wedding dress by her own hand. Before knitting, she overcame many problems. It took her 200 hours to complete the design work. When she finally wore the dress, she realized that it was for her and she was very satisfied. It was a great joy for her to finish the work on time. The most important and gratifying circumstance was the groom’s liking, because he was a little skeptical about that matter.

Photos: Bride Spent 200 Hours Knitting Her Own Wedding Dress

When Lindbergh finally presented the final result of the work on her blog, it became the most viewed clip, securing 3 million views. The wedding day finally arrived and everyone was eagerly waiting to see the appearance of the bride. She presented herself in her dress and everyone was attracted by her dress, it was really beautiful and elegant. Many people liked it and praised it. She was shining with her appearance and beautiful dress. The groom liked it too. Everyone applauded and welcomed the bride. Her YouTube channel also became very popular and for days, pictures of her in a wedding dress and wedding shots were displayed. Her dress also became a commercial and many people even wanted to order such a dress for their wedding.

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