The uninvited guest at his son’s wedding. The boy did not invite his mother to his wedding

Sometimes life can teach us such a lesson that even a lifetime will not be enough to correct it. Arnold was getting married and forbade his mother to attend his wedding, but he would never have thought that his mother had done more for him than his own mother would have done for him. Diana was a sixty-year-old woman who was a cleaner in a cafe and worked day and night. He bought a pair of suit pants for her son with her salary. Knowing that he was going to marry to Masha soon, she decided to give it to his son to wear to the wedding, but the boy threw it away, calling it trash. The mother hid her excitement deep in her heart and remained silent. The boy did not even notice his mother’s state of mind. He closed the door on his mother and forbade her to come to his wedding because Masha and the guests were all rich and he was ashamed of his mother.

She sayed that he would buy the most expensive suit himself. The mother kept silent and kept all her words in her heart. She did not want to be an extra in her son’s life. The day of the wedding came. Everyone was preparing for the wedding together, only Diana was silent and deep in thoughts. On the day of the wedding, everyone gathered in the church. Diana had not gone, but after thinking twice, she took out the dress from the wardrobe, put it on and took an old vase with her.

Arriving at the church, many people approached her and congratulated her on the occasion of her son’s marriage. Soon the bride and groom exchanged rings and the mother came to congratulate the boy. The boy muttered in his mind why his mother had come to the wedding. As they were photographing him, he restrained himself and pretended to smile. The mother gave him her gift vase. The boy opened it and not understanding the meaning of such an old gift, he scolded his mother, who only ran to the wedding and removed her from the hall, but the mother took the microphone and out loud he began to tell about a woman who had asked her to deliver that old vase with a check for a big amount of money to her son’s wedding.

That woman had asked Diana to take care of her son. It was about Arnold, who was not Diana’s own son. She kept him and raised him, was like as a dear son and had always loved him. Hearing this, the boy blushed and kneeled down and beged his mother for forgiveness for his actions. Was it possible to treat the woman who had kept and raised him in such a way? Everything changed from that day on. The boy began to treat his mother more attentively and respectfully. One should not ignore the mother in any case, regardless of whether she is a cleaner or rich. madam. A mother is a mother and whoever raises you and takes care of you deserves only respect.

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