A man made a garden for his wife, where there are endless flowers. He did it because his wife can’t see anything.

Whatever people are like in real life, they always feel the need for love and warmth. The smallest attention can change a person’s life as it happened to a Japanese woman thanks to her caring and loving husband. They were an elderly couple who lived together for years and prove that regardless of appearance, ability and status, people should take care of each other and appreciate each other.Yukaso and Toshiuki were married for 50 years and lived peacefully and harmoniously.

光失った妻に芝桜を 黒木敏幸さんと靖子さん夫妻 宮崎 - AIR.TV

They did not marry for love like many other couples; their parents decided like that. However, years after the wedding, they found the meaning of their life in each other. They lived happily and carefree for quite a long time. The Kuroku family earned their living by farming and raising cattle. However, money was always scarce. When children were born, the expenses increased even more. They bought a cow.They used to wake up early in the morning and take care of livestock and farm work.

光失った妻に芝桜を 黒木敏幸さんと靖子さん夫妻 宮崎 - AIR.TV

After that, the wife would go to her household chores, and the husband would find something for himself.Soon they also saved a lot of money for the trip. But the unexpected happened and their dreams remained unfulfilled. The wife soon developed eye problems and the husband sold everything for the sake of the wife, but nothing helped. He did not know what to do to make the wife happy. Soon he began to plant pink flowers all over the place to grow roses. Their fragrance is very strong and spread rapidly. A sufficient area was covered with a carpet of pink flowers. Thousands of people came to see this wonderful garden, which was made in honor of a woman. The woman felt the scent of flowers and was satisfied even though she could not see. People came from all over the world to see and appreciate this miracle.


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