A house that is not inferior to other houses in its comfortable conditions. But this house was more affordable and only required 9000 dollars to build it.

Everything changes over time. Young people are becoming bolder. Steven is a young artist and musician, he likes to travel all over the world and has many friends from different countries. He likes to travel, get to know the cultures of different countries, admire beautiful scenery. However, he had a problem, because he did not have his own house. He spent all his salary mainly on recording songs and traveling. During the summer, he decided he should visit a friend who lived in Hawaii.

Stephen had many dreams, and of course he shared them with his friend. His dream was very unusual, he dreamed of having a house, but it had to be different. Knowing about Stephen’s dream, his friends decided to give him a small piece of land. Stephen was very happy with the surprise of his friends and started planning the design of the unusual house and decided to build an eco house with a dome made of clay and bamboo. Young Steven got to work, started to build the walls from clay blocks.

And the domed roof was not chosen just like that, such a design is energy saving. He used only natural materials for construction: clay, wood and bamboo. After completing the exterior work, Stephen moved on to the interior, the design was completely boho-style to make it fun to write songs. He painted the outside walls orange, made an artificial pond with lilies, and the wooden ladder led to the mezzanine, which was open and completely covered with sunshades. He painted the house brown from the inside, placed the bed directly under the dome, where the sun’s rays fell. The house had a kitchen which was quite spacious. Stephen spent only $9,000 on the entire house. Stephen was very satisfied and inspired, and decided that he should also build an eco-house with stronger materials. There was no such house in the whole country, and everyone was very interested in the preparation of the house. Steve traveled often, and friends organized a tour to show the house. Those present could not believe that they visited a real house, which was very unusual. It is very commendable that nowadays there are young people who are able to make their dreams come true.


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