A house that is always warm inside. It is completely glazed

All the countries of the world are wonderful with all their charm and culture. Norway belongs to those wonderful countries. It has a wonderful nature and a unique landscape. The country has only different   climatic conditions, there are temperature drops in winter, because of which most of the population thinks about looking for other ways of heating.

The Yartefelger family moved to the arctic climate of the island of Sandhornoja. They knew how expensive it would be to heat the  house and  they  dad  not  enough  money  for  it  that  is  why    they built a house under a glass dome. The family built the house exclusively from natural materials to make it strong. Clay mixed with salom was used for the foundation and walls, the doors and windows of the house were made of wood, and the bathroom and kitchen tiles were made of fragments and crushed slabs.

A ventilation system was built along the base of the entire house, which heated the house in winter and cooled it in summer. In addition to the house, under the dome there was also an 80 square meter plot of land where vegetables and fruits are grown. , the water is filtered using special plumbing equipment The whole house is 180 square meters, it was  three floors.

On the upper floor there was  an open balcony where you can relax both in winter and summer. The night is especially beautiful there where you can see the stars. The house had a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom and five bedrooms, as the family was quite large. The unusual house was heated by solar panels.

The house became a practical solution for living in cold climates. In fact, the family did not regret spending so much time and money to build the apartment. The family had a beautiful house and was able to solve the heating problem, with proof that everyone who has a solution to any problem just needs to find that solution.

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