Having a grandfather is a very good thing, and when he is a good person, it is simply wonderful.

Having a grandfather is the greatest gift for all grandchildren. It is the duty of the grandfather and grandmother to fulfill all our whims silently and willingly. They are our guardian and protector in all matters. Doug Hayes was a 59-year-old grandfather of 10 grandchildren whom he loved the most and would do anything for. He was a resident of Gladstone, Oregon. He was a kind and proud grandfather. His 10 grandchildren loved him very much and were proud of him.

Since the birth of the first grandchild, it has become a habit for them to get together as a family and organize parties. There were also gifts. It seems to have become a tradition. The grandchildren look forward to the gifts every year. This year was different from other years with its surprise. Doug decided to give his grandchildren a gift that they would always remember and never forget. The grandchildren even tried to predict the future gift, but it didn’t work, because they had no idea about the flight of the grandfather’s mind. However, the grandfather’s surprise was really unique and different.

All the grandchildren were very happy to soon discover the school bus as a gift with the “Pap Express” sign on it. Grandpa decided not to buy a separate gift for everyone but a bus for all of them to go to school together. It was a great idea that came to life. Grandpa really loved his grandchildren and took great pleasure in making them happy. The bus looked very funny. Grandpa wanted it. to remain in the memory of the grandchildren with a gift. The children were eagerly waiting to get on their bus and enjoy the ride, which was the first in their lives. Sitting in the bus, they made happy sounds. They never thought that it would be possible to receive such a gift. Grandfathers and grandmothers are always ready to make the strangest and smartest ideas come true. Thanks to them, life is happy and calm.


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