9 square meter house, which is equal to 30 square meter house. Designed 30 years ago, but implemented later

Today’s life is very fast paced and to adapt to life  you have to reach the rhythm and move in harmony with it. The development of science and technology has changed people’s lives and made it more comfortable and easy. Everything is changing day by day. Even the techniques are developing in such a way that sometimes you think you won’t be able to master everything along with them. What is new is also good and developed. The most important thing in life is to feel comfortable. You don’t have to build huge mansions or palaces to feel good. All you need is a light and calm life in a comfortable home.  In order to make people’s lives easier and to relieve their worries, garages were designed, which had all the facilities for staying. 

There are many ideas for such a house, but we will present to you the idea of a garage proposed by a Dutch designer thirty years ago, which came to life and became a place of rest for many. His project has not yet been replicated by anyone. It covers an area of 9 square meters which   turns into a house with an area of 30 square meters. On one side of that house is the bedroom and on the other side is the living room. On one side is the bedroom, on the other is the living room. This house is on wheels. 

On the side of the living room, the roof was in the form of a semi-dome. It was a transparent part of the ceiling to admire the sky and nature. The roof of the bedroom was an ordinary closed roof and did not seep through. Such houses are also inexpensive and convenient. Here you can also relax on vacations. Such areas are growing and shrinking. You can also move from one place to another sitting in the house thanks to being on wheels and admire the change of nature scenes.



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